Harrison Ford: Han Solo Vs. Indiana Jones – 59

Who is Harrison Ford’s best character? We tackle that tough mystery today when we pit Han Solo against Indiana Jones in the finest discussion of movies you might ever hear!

Harrison Ford: Han Solo Vs. Indiana Jones

  • Where did Han Solo go to School? Oh, he didn’t?
  • The blaster vs. the whip
  • Iconic Harrison Ford scenes with guns
  • Similarities between the two
  • Differences between the two
  • What does Harrison Ford think?
  • What is Bladerunner?

Check out the Star Wars Easter eggs in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Today’s Toast

“Here’s to lying, cheating, stealing, and drinking. If you’re going to lie, lie for a friend. If you’re going to cheat, cheat death. If you’re going to steal, steal a heart. If you’re gonna drink, drink with me.”

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