What is the Statue of Limitations on Spoilers? – 154

Spoiler Alert: Today on a very special round of Beer Thursday, those mighty manufacturers of monkey business are joined by full-time complainer and part-time astronaut, Tim, the enchanter. With little help from Tim, our champions of chat and charcuterie will tackle the subject of spoilers!

Spoiler Talk

  • How soon is too soon to discuss potential movie or tv spoilers?
  • What is Jay’s terrible gift?
  • Who says it best when he says something at all?
  • Why does Tim not care about you or your feelings?
  • Grab yourself a snack, pop open a refreshing beverage, and put on your listening glasses. It’s time for another glorious round of…

Question: What is the Statue of Limitations on Spoilers?

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Today’s Toast



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Round 100 Transcripts

[The show is transcribed with artificial intelligence. It’s not accurate, but a lot of it sure is funny!]

Jay: Elvis Presley died. Oh wait, no, I need to, no, no, I need to preface this, but, and say, if you’ve seen the movie Elvis alert, Elvis Presley dies

Shayne: a minute. Wait a minute.

Jay: oh no,

Shayne: Wait a minute. Elvis

Jay: but you know, he. Well, he died in 19. He died in 1977.

Shayne: what is this movie even about?

Tim: Oh, I just watched old rerun. Elvis’s alive in south, somewhere

Jay: well,

Shayne: with Leonard? Is that Leonard that’s Leonard Nemo, right.

Jay: I love Leonard. Nemoy

Tim: in search of yes. Yes.

Jay: Literal need. Okay. Okay. Next thing you’re gonna tell me is Clark. Ken is Superman. If you tell me that we’re done,

Shayne: you know what, Jay, wait until the ending and find out.

Jay: that’s a good point.

Tim: On

Jay: this apparently somebody had the right answer. So this particular round, speaking of things that you should know that you don’t or things that you should know so quickly that you might, what is the statute of limitations on spoilers

Shayne: And I’m gonna read, I’m gonna read from the book of Lamentations.

Jay: Hmm. Yes. Chapter one, Jackson, five.

Shayne: Tim, do you know any verses from the book of Lamentations?

Tim: Yes.

Shayne: That’s

Tim: And the people did and antelope cereal, Jay, didn’t get it.

Shayne: good. I love the money by the references.

Jay: Uh,

Shayne: who should go first? Should we get Tim’s boring, but good.

Jay: well,

Shayne: Tim will have a nice, well thought out. Factual opinion,

Jay: no, actually I think, uh, I. I

Shayne: just

Jay: think,

Shayne: Just

Jay: I think basically basically what we’re discussing here, uh, before we start off, uh, uh, each having our opinion is how soon is too soon to, to, to, um, mention something that happens in a movie that may or may not spoil it for somebody who has not seen that movie.

Tim: Three weeks. Okay. Next round.

Shayne: three weeks. How long has love and thunder been?

Jay: A week.

Shayne: Okay. As of today when we’re recording on Bastille day, I, I also think it depends on the context. If you are publishing something kinda like what we are doing at this, a podcast, a show, I think that maybe a week, maybe two is enough. As long as you’re prefacing by saying this is gonna have spoilers in it. If it’s just your friends or your friends at work or something like that, then however long it takes, if they don’t see it for a month, then you know,


Jay: can’t say anything

Shayne: chances are someone else is gonna spoil it for them.

But go ahead and be that good person. And, and don’t spoil it for your friends.

Tim: I honestly think you guys don’t have anything to worry about. There’s only three people that listen to this ridiculous.

Shayne: Spoiler alert.

Jay: spoiler you’re one of.


Shayne: yeah. So, so wait, if Tim’s on, if we have Brian and Tim on the show, that means that Kiki’s the only one listening.

Jay: Well, we need to have all three of them and then, then nobody will be listening.

Shayne: we should do that. We should do it for our 200th episode or Christmas. Whichever comes first.

Jay: There we go. So I would like to voice my opinion on spoilers and here’s what I’m gonna say. I agree with Shayne, if somebody has not seen a movie, a TV show, whatever that could ruin it for them or give them too much information about that. Particular thing, then it should be as long as it takes, if they haven’t seen it and they don’t want to know, then you stop right there.

And for God’s sake, don’t say, okay, I won’t tell you anything. That’s gonna ruin it for you. But I do want to tell you this one thing. because if you’re some there’s no need, when they say I haven’t seen it, don’t tell me about it. That’s where it should stop. And, and, uh, if you’re like me, unfortunately I have this, I have this terrible gift of being able to figure out a movie based upon a very small. Spoiler. I can tell you, you tell me anything you give, tell me anything about the movie. I’m gonna figure out the entire movie. It’s a curse. And, um, I don’t know what, I,

Shayne: it takes work to avoid spoilers,

Jay: I

Shayne: on any type of social media, you have to, you have to just avoid everything. You have to avoid Twitter, Facebook, even Google YouTube, because there will be some idiot out there that doesn’t preface it or they get all giggly because , I spoiled it for everybody.

Jay: Yeah.

Shayne: Yeah.

Jay: That’s what I hate is like, you see that like yeah, you see online, you’ll see in the, the subject or the heading will instantly spoil it for you. Even though it’s saying it’s, let’s talk about that big surprise ending, or let’s talk about that huge cameo.

Shayne: shouldn’t even

say that. I

Jay: what’s that

Shayne: mean, you shouldn’t even say that there is a surprise, whether or not there’s a surprise ending or whether or

not there’s a cameo.

Jay: Exactly. Yeah. If you’re gonna really, if you’re gonna really, uh, if you really wanna throw someone off the scent, give them a, a bad spoiler. Like nothing about the movie whatsoever as the great.

Shayne: Don’t say anything say liked it didn’t like it. Like, I didn’t even tell, I have a friend at work who hasn’t seen Thor love and thunder yet. And I, I haven’t even said, I thought the beginning was a little rush. All I’ve said was you should see it when you see it. We’ll talk about it.

Jay: Yeah. I think you say it best when

Shayne: Who bringing it back to the Bangals angles.

Jay: you say nothing at all. uh, Keith Whitley actually.

Shayne: Okay. Okay.

Tim: See then there’s people like me that don’t care about you or your feelings. And I have seen it. And I wanna talk about it and I’m just gonna talk anyways. Hey, guess what? Everybody’s got streaming services. Everybody can go to the movies is dead.

Jay: wouldn’t go that far.

Shayne: Spoil alert. C’s back

Jay: The, the, at least the killer strain of it is for, for the time being,

Shayne: now. It’s just a getting out of work strain.

Jay: I was

Shayne: oh, I think you have COVID. Oh, stay home, then stay home.

Jay: but, but you, but you work from home? Yes. Oh shit.

Shayne: right. Dammit. It’s phone. COVID.

Jay: Yeah. I’ve got phone. So much fun. Hey, you know what? Let’s do a toast.

Shayne: Jim go?

Jay: I, I think you disappeared.

Let’s we’re gonna

Shayne: that it’s gotten

Jay: We’re gonna do a toast. We’re gonna do a toast. And then we’re gonna ask Tim his opinion on whatever it is that, uh, we’re not listening to what.

Shayne: toast for the splitter

Jay: Tim’s gonna express his opinion on spoilers, which I think he already did, but he’s going to expound upon that. Something about being selfish and not caring about anybody else, but anyway, Shayne, do you have an appropriate toast for this spoiler talk,

Shayne: talk.

Jay: bring it

Shayne: What was the question?

Jay: uh,

Shayne: is a


Tim: Y’all.

Shayne: This is a quote by the person who said this. When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.

Jay: oh, that’s good. Cheers. By the way, I’m drinking L Hefe L very

Shayne: hip steel.

Jay: Where’s that from? That was a good one.

Shayne: Seal level. Um, my dad sent a bunch of them in an email, so I had access. Here’s a tell me. Okay. Before we get to, before we get to the end, the big finale, as it were, tell me what you think about this spoiler alert. This goes back to maybe last year before first season or second season of the Mandalore.

And one of not long after the episode where it’s revealed, one of my friends posted something about baby Yoda’s name is grok and another friend got really mad. Another friend got really mad about spoiling it. At what point did you think its name was actually baby Yoda? I. I kind of thought it was obvious the entire time that its name wasn’t baby Yoda.

It probably didn’t even know who Yoda was.

Jay: Here’s the deal. It’s like, don’t, don’t talk about anything to do with it whatsoever. But if you do something like that, revealing the name of the baby Yoda, which we all know is not really baby Yoda, that seems very minor and not spoilerish

Shayne: Yeah,

Jay: the character in his name has something to do.

Tim: hang on and well, hang on a second. Was he, or this person informed what the baby. Yo’s name was

Shayne: Yep. The

Tim: okay. Well maybe that’s what

Shayne: go.

Tim: so right. This, no,

Jay: and hear it from himself. Okay.

Shayne: so Tim, did you crawl into the beer? Can or

Tim: I, I, I took, I took an earbud out and I was holding it.

Shayne: Yeah. I don’t know. You know what, when we’re famous, we’re gonna buy some

Jay: is Tim making the first step

Shayne: Now Tim was the first step for man, or was the first step for mankind also. now, if it was Darth Yoda, I could see, oh wow. Now that’s a spoiler, but yeah. So, okay. So it is best to just not say. Because you don’t

Jay: I think it,


Shayne: be relative. What, what might be important to someone might

be less important to someone else?

Jay: I also think it’s a good thing to say is like, Hey, do you watch, do you watch better call Saul? Yes. Have you seen the latest episode? No. Okay. Let me know when you’ve seen it. Cause I wanna talk about it.

Shayne: Yeah. What’s better call Saul.

Tim: Yeah. I mean, that’s only common courtesy.

Jay: Yeah,

Tim: I think it’s ridiculous that we have to waste time rounds. Yes. I, to

Jay: right.

Shayne: thank you for cussing by the way.

Jay: Yeah.

Tim: throw ass out there.

Shayne: Yeah.

Jay: you know what, Tim. What um, Tim, you just brought up a good point, which was a, uh, you had an idea for a round to discuss and, um, the fact that people would even have. To bring up this sort of topic, or we would have to bring up this topic on when it, when is okay to spoil something.

When somebody says, like you say, I haven’t seen it, don’t tell me about it. It should end there, but we live in a world now that’s full of dumb people. I mean,

Tim: Yes.

Jay: feels like, it feels like people are getting dumber. And stupider

Shayne: have we done around on we’ve done around on people are

Jay: we have, but we haven’t done with one with Tim and I, I would love to hear Tim and you know what? I have a great idea. I have a great idea here. Spoiler alert. Next week’s round could be about.

Shayne: mm. Four love and thunder

Jay: The word love and thunder

Shayne: or maybe it was last week’s round.

Jay: or maybe it was, I

Shayne: You don’t


You don’t know so

Jay: I do know this. I think, uh, I think I started the engine it’s time for someone to, uh, press the metal to the GLE Ketle

Shayne: I’m pretty sure Jay is referring to the little engine that could, and I think that like that engine, you can, subscribe to Beer Thursday so that you get every single round every single morning, when Thursday says, hello, you get the round. In your ears magically, you, you can go to our Patreon page and donate as little as $5 a month, as much as $50 a month or more.

It’ll help us keep being in your ears every Thursday. And then I should though I should, because at, at the $13 level, we will give you a hello. every Thursday.

Jay: Hey man, come on Tim. We’re trying not to have to work for a living here.

Shayne: We’re doing our best. We can’t all be. We can’t all have your jobs in

Jay: we can’t all be self contained millionaires. Like you

Shayne: yeah. Billionaire,

Tim: that would make my life so much easier.

Jay: I have your

Shayne: Also the next round of.