2022 Spring Break Cancun Dates (and Travel Guide)

Ready for a break from school or work in a warm, beach climate? Families and party-ready travelers alike will find all you need to know in this post about spring break Cancun dates.

How to Book a Trip to Cancun for Spring Break

After all that happened in 2020, many people still insist on booking their own travel with online travel sites and traveling without trip insurance.

As with any trip, the best way to book your Spring Break vacation is through a travel advisor, someone who knows the destination, and, more importantly, someone who knows you and your travel preferences.

Many travel companies specialize in trips for younger Spring Breakers, such as college students. They offer spring break vacation party packages that include popular options such as:

  • Open bars
  • Booze cruise (It’s all about drinking, isn’t it?)
  • Live shows
  • Beach Parties
  • Daily pool parties
  • VIP access to popular clubs
  • Reserving vacation with a small deposit
  • Payment plans

While an open bar is a great way to get into trouble, especially in a foreign country, I succumbed to the call on many occasions. Live shows can include live music and other live entertainment.

The party travel companies make drinking a big part of their packages. I strongly encourage you to exercise good judgment while enjoying these events.

Do I Need a Passport to Go to Cancun?

Yes. All Americans traveling to Cancun need a valid passport. While U.S. citizens can enter Mexico with passport cards, it’s a long drive to Cancun.

What are the COVID restrictions for Traveling to Cancun?

Mexico is open to travel! As of December 2021, Mexico doesn’t require COVID vaccination, Negative PCR test, or quarantine upon arrival. Most resorts require that you fill out a health questionnaire.

You must pass a COVID test before returning to the U.S. from Mexico. As with most travel these days, you’ll want to make COVID testing part of your travel plans.

Do I Need Travel Insurance to Visit Cancun?

Officially, the answer is No. Neither Mexico nor Cancun requires trip insurance as other destinations do.

My answer is Yes. You should always get a trip insurance policy. I work with a great insurance company and can provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand trip insurance policy. Click any of my blue plan buttons or green book buttons to contact me.

When to Go (or Not Go) to Cancun for Spring Break

While Spring Break in Cancun brings to mind images of young people partying their hearts out (literally, in many cases), younger kids and teachers are free for Spring Break. Many will want to take their families to an all-inclusive beach resort for a  Spring Break trip, and Cancun offers many opportunities.

Spring Break dates cover a wide range of weeks across the United States, from late February to early April. Spring Break for many could begin as early as the week of February 21st, and I have a friend whose kids have Spring Break closer to the middle of April.

Spring Break Cancun Dates:

2/21/2022 – 4/10/2022

And because it’s never too early to plan a vacation:

2/20/2023 – 4/9/2023

2/29/2024 – 4/7/2024

Where to Stay

Keep in mind that Spring Break Cancun dates are the high season or peak season and will be priced as such. Nevertheless, if that is the time you need or want to go, this is the guide to help you select the right time and place for your vacation!

Hotel Zone

The best nightclubs and nightlife, along with almost 100 inclusive resorts, can be found in the Zona Hotelera, including the most popular destinations in Cancun Mexico. All the resorts in the hotel zone treat guests to beautiful hotel accommodations,
white sand beaches, and the magnificent Caribbean Sea.

The Hotel Zone will offer the best time for those wanting to experience the heart of the action in the party center of Cancun.

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is a stretch of coastline south of Cancun. It includes Playa del Carmen with Cozumel across the water. While it depends on each individual resort, Riviera Maya will be a better choice for family trips than Cancun.

You’ll find plenty of beautiful beaches in Riviera Maya, and they will likely be quieter than the Hotel Zone.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a gorgeous island off the water from Playa Mujeres, north of Cancun. While more expensive, it will generally be a better choice for families than the hotel zone.

The Best Resorts for Your Spring Break Cancun Dates

Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Cancun made my list of the 11 best all-inclusive resorts in Cancun. While any property in the Hard Rock family will offer Spring Break travelers the trip of a lifetime, the property at Riviera Maya may be their best. The Hard Rock Cancun is a breathtaking resort in the gorgeous but lively hotel zone.

If you want a more luxurious Spring Break Cancun trip, or if you love music, the Hard Rock resorts will be an excellent choice for you.

Melody Maker

Melody Maker is a popular choice among companies that offer Spring Break party packages for younger travelers. They describe it as posh and luxurious, and it sits ideally in the hotel zone, close to the nightlife, shopping, and dining.

Krystal Cancun

Premium is another popular resort choice of companies booking party vacations for younger travelers. Those companies describe Krystal as “premium” rather than “luxurious.” However they depict the resort, Krystal Cancun resides in a fantastic location on the peninsula at the northern tip of the hotel zone.

Krystal Cancun is also within walking distance from excellent beach bars and Cancun nightclubs. It offers travelers great amenities such as pools, pool bars, and hot tubs.

Crown Paradise Club Cancun

Crown Paradise is in the Hotel Zone. While I can’t say it is one of the best resorts in Cancun, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular for families and Spring Breakers.

Crown Paradise would be an excellent choice for younger Spring Break travelers seeking a Spring escape from work or school. I’d recommend visiting this resort outside of the Spring Break season if you’re taking your family.

Grand Oasis Cancun

Often called “The Oasis,” the Grand Oasis Cancun is another popular option from the College Spring Break companies. It is typically described as more of a value resort (so the one I’d pick).

Grand Oasis is probably one of the most popular Cancun Spring Break options because MTV used its beachside stage during its Spring Break parties in the 90s. Many refer to Grand Oasis Cancun as “Cancun’s greatest muse” for insane live shows and pool parties.

What to Do During Your Spring Break Cancun Dates

Enjoy a Day Trip to Chichen Itza

Chichén Itzá is a Mayan ruins site about 125 miles from Cancun. Marvel at the Chichen Itza Pyramid or wander through any of the 26 Mayan ruins throughout the two sections of this ancient Mayan city-state. It’s a fantastic place, rich in history and archeological wonders.

Chichén Itzá would make a great family option if you get an early start and beat more of the partying crowd.

Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo is not the place to take your family. Well, I might take my family, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a family-friendly place.

Coco Bongo is the most famous nightclub in Cancun. Here you can enjoy live shows and parties with loud music and remarkable technology.

Señor Frog

Senor Frogs is one of the most popular bars in Cancun. Being a franchise, you can find them worldwide, including Las Vegas and Orlando. As such, it may be more touristy than you’d like. However, the food and fun will not likely disappoint you.

For weather, Spring Break is a great time to visit as the rainy season doesn’t begin until June. Even then, you’ll not have to endure long periods of rainfall.

Alternatives to Cancun for Spring Break

If Cancun isn’t suitable for you, you have Spring Break options at many popular destinations.

Panama City Beach

Resting on the Gulf of Mexico in northwest Florida, Panama City Beach is an excellent Spring Break beach vacation without flying. It may be a long drive from some parts of the country, but the Florida sand and water are gorgeous from Pensacola west.


Destin, Florida has always been a popular beach destination. I have lots of friends who used to go there for vacation. The key phrase there is “used to.” They nearly all agree that Destin has become too congested. As Yogi Berra said, “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

South Padre Island

South Padre Island, Texas is another famous U.S. beach. Don’t confuse Padre Island with South Padres Island (like I did on a Spring Break trip in 1988). While Padre is excellent, the beaches of South Padre are far better.

The last time we tried to visit South Padre was on July 4, 2009. I say, “try,” because the traffic in Port Isabel was standing still. While we thoroughly enjoyed a day at the beach on July 3rd, we knew the beach would be far too crowded for us on the holiday.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, Florida is another popular Spring Break choice. Sitting on the Atlantic side of Florida, it is a farther trip. The sand isn’t as soft in Daytona Beach, but the sun is bright, and the parties are abundant.

Spring Break Cancun Dates

Spring Break is a great time to visit Cancun, and it’s a top destination for spring break. There are many popular options for places to stay.

While I don’t usually deal in “deals,” Cancun is one of my favorite destinations so that I can notify you about Cancun Spring Break deals. Click the link below to download my carry-on packing list.

Question: Where is your favorite place to go for Spring Break?

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