18 Unbelievable Examples of “The Disney Difference” – 123

What does Disney mean by this promise? Enjoy these 18 examples of “The Disney Difference” experienced on a recent Adventures by Disney vacation.

In a recent episode, Ryan discussed his family’s Adventures by Disney trip to Italy. What made that trip so special was the adventure guides. Whether the force was strong with them, or they just are the best at what they do, they sprinkled pixie dust throughout the trip, And Ryan had so many examples that we wanted to devote this entire episode to that Disney Difference on an ABD vacation.

Examples of  The Disney Difference!

Go back and listen to episode 119: Adventures By Disney Italy [Trip Report].

  1. The Power of the Paddle
  2. Insider Access
  3. All admission tickets and transportation are included
  4. Continuous snacks and water
  5. The attention that adventure guides give to kids
  6. The guides know all your individual needs
  7. The guides prepare for everything
  8. Authentic local food and drink.
  9. Constant attention to how you’re doing
  10. The guides take care of any extra want or need you have during your vacation.
  11. You’re always in the right place at the right time.
  12. You never have to carry your luggage.
  13. You never have to worry about transportation.
  14. You always know the best places to go.
  15. Stress-free hotel check-in
  16. They keep working for you even after your vacation.
  17. Everyone is in every picture!
  18. You can always stay in the moment and enjoy your vacation.

Question: Which example of “The Disney Difference” sounds best to you?

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