Tim, the Unleasher of Hell – 39

Our greatest fear (and 2nd best fan) returns to tempt our fearless heroes with even more anger and great ideas. Enjoy Tim’s fantastic thoughts!

Tim, The Unleasher of Hell

Tim had even more great ideas this time. We’d like to thank Tim for his great ideas, including:

  • It’s time for Fall
  • Whiskey Beer
  • The greatness of Steel Magnolias
  • Nachos!
  • Taco Casa is greatness!
  • Omelets without having to break eggs.

And we are looking forward to Tim’s new podcast: Tequila Sunrise!

Be sure and check out the first time Tim called, Round 35: Tim, The Enchanter.

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Today’s Toast

“If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”


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