Why Time Passes Too Fast (Time Revisited) – 74

Do you feel like time passes too fast? Set your watch and warrant to this one, gunslingers! Today we unravel time and dress it up with a chicken wing and a side of bacon.

Time Revisited

Be sure to check out our previous round (68) on time: Time (Where Did It All Go?)

Jay’s Special Theory About Time

Jay explains how time depends on stuff. I bet you didn’t know Jay was so smart!

Shayne’s Unquestionable Theory on How Time Works

Pass your time well! Enjoy and relish (mmmm…relish) Shayne’s post: Time Flies So Fast! How We Can Slow it Down.

1. Time Perception is a Percentage of Life

“The apparent length of an interval at a given epoch of a man’s life is proportional to the total length of the life itself. A child of 10 feels a year as 1/10 of his whole life – a man of 50 as 1/50, the whole life meanwhile apparently preserving a constant length.”

William James

Here is the link I couldn’t find when recording: Maximilian Kiener’s Why Time Flies project.

2. Time Seems to Speed Up As the Brain Slows Down

Yes, it’s relative!

3. Repetition Seems to Make Time Pass Faster

“ Routine makes time go faster, unique and memorable events slow down time. Although there is comfort in routine, it does make time fly.”

Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D.

Maybe it’s time to take a vacation!

Enjoy Shayne’s Time Sandwich!

Why do you think time passes too fast (or too slowly) sometimes?

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Today’s Toast

“Life is a waste of time, and time is a waste of life. So let’s get wasted all the time and have the time of our life!”

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