What Are Your Travel Preferences? – 23

What is your favorite vacation? Do you prefer adventure or leisure, beach or mountains, City or nature? Today, you can get some insight into why you should consider mixing it up a bit, you can get to know Ryan and me a little better, and hopefully, we’ll get to know you.

Destination options:

  • Beach or Mountains?
  • Leisure or Adventure?
  • Tours or exploration?
  • The country or the city?
  • Disney or Universal?
  • Dream Destination

Predicament options:

Would you rather miss your flight or lose your luggage?

Experience options:

  • Get Free flights for life or free dining for life?
  • Travel the world for a year on a shoestring budget or travel for one month in total luxury?
  • Time Travel: Travel to the past or travel to the future?
  • Travel wide or travel Deep?
  • Shopping, drinking, eating?
  • Early morning before everyone else is up or nightlife?

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