11 Travel Resolutions [for 2022] – 88

The new year is approaching and with that resolutions and today, we’re talking about Travel resolutions for more fulfilling travel in 2022!

Travel Resolutions for 2022

  1. Use all your vacation days
  2. Start a vacation savings account
  3. Go to a new place on vacation (local or far away)
  4. Do one thing that is uncomfortable
  5. Learn words/phrases (or more) in a language
  6. Try new food based on a location (whether there or not)
    Perhaps you’ll want to experience the best places to eat in Mexico City!
  7. Take THAT trip!
  8. Try a different form of travel
  9. Travel solo
  10. Start a travel journal, photo album, blog, podcast
  11. Less social media during travel

Question: Which of these travel resolutions will you make part of your 2022 plans?

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