Our Travel Wish Lists – 130

What’s on your travel wish list? A must-do destination? A type of travel you want to try or do again? Maybe a special someone you would love to take a trip with? In this episode, Ryan and Shayne discuss their travel wish lists.

Our Travel Wish Lists

  • Ways we look at travel very similarly.
  • There are ways we look at travel very differently.
  • A country you would like to visit
  • A city you want to visit
  • An event you would travel specifically for

Question: What’s on Your Travel Wish List?

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Episode 130 Transcripts

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Shayne: Hello and welcome to All Things Travel. What’s on your travel wishlist? A must do destination, a type of travel that you want to try or do again, maybe a special, someone you would love to take a trip with. Today, Ryan and I discuss our travel wish lists

Ryan: So Shayne, there are a lot of ways that you and I really think alike when it comes to travel. For me, one of those things is we always want to. Immerse ourselves the best we can in wherever we’re traveling. We certainly want to be taken care of and have a nice trip, but we also want, we want to get into the streets, We want to get into the restaurants, we wanna get into the markets and really see how things go.

But there’s also some ways that we think about travel a little differently, aren’t.

Shayne: Not many, but yeah, a few. Definitely.

You tend to plan farther ahead than I typically have. You will plan trips farther in advance than I have. I think as we get through the challenges of the past few years and we start to travel more, we will start planning farther ahead.

Just because there’s so many things that I wanna do that if I don’t get them on the books, that’s why we tell people to get ’em on the books because if, get ’em on the books now so that they’re on the books rather than continuing to procrastinate and never going to experience those places.

Ryan: Yeah, I mean, to be honest, my family or my wife and I in particular tend to get stuff on the books and they change our mind later and so our kids got to the point where they’re like, Okay, tell us when we’re really going to do this. Don’t tell us beforehand. And have us get excited. But yeah, that, that’s definitely a way that we look at it differently.

And today I just wanted to do a show here where we kind of talk about our travel wishlist. We haven’t done a get to know you show in quite a while where we kind of talk about our personal views when it comes to travel. So I thought some of these questions today would be kind of fun to, to discuss.

So let’s talk about travel, but first. Most families are confused and overwhelmed when planning a vacation. We work with you to plan a trip perfect for your interest, saving you time, money, and stress.

Shayne: We would love to help you plan your next amazing vacations. You can reach out to us at. Ryan, R Y a n@creatingmagicvacations.com.

Ryan: All right, Shayne, so the first question that I had is, what’s a country that you would like to visit? Now with these questions, These are things you have never done before. So you can’t say Spain because you’ve been to Spain multiple times, but. What is a country you would really love to visit and.

Shayne: I have three top ones and I’ve mentioned one a few times, so I’m gonna mention a different one now. But I’d really like to visit Thailand. I am fascinated by the, culture. I love temples. Thailand is a beautiful country, so I’d love to go and just enjoy the lush vegetation of the country, maybe some of those nice beaches, and then spend a lot of time visiting the Buddhist temples.

Ryan: I like that. I actually just saw a TV show about visiting Thailand and it just looks utterly amazing with the water and the temples and the food and the,

Shayne: Ooh, the food. Yeah.

Ryan: there. Yeah.

Shayne: Yeah. How about you?

Ryan: I think for me, I would really like to visit Sweden. I have a connection there with my family. Heritage Hester is a Swedish name, and I just really think that would be a neat place to visit learn about the culture, learn about the people, learn about the food and just really soak in another part of the world that I haven’t been to before.

Shayne: Definitely, I’d love to visit Sweden and all those Nordic countries also.

Ryan: I think for me, one of the coolest ways and maybe I’ll do this, that this may be a, a. Big birthday trip or something. I would love to take one of those cruises, Shayne that go into Northern Europe. So go into Scandinavia, Estonia, Russia. I think that would be a fantastic way to see that part of the world.

Shayne: And I wanna make sure cruise like that will go through new Asguard.

Ryan: And you would think so after watching the latest movie, that just seems like it’s gonna be a port adventure,


Shayne: there was, some nice cruise ships there. Yeah.

Ryan: Hey, so our second question, what’s a city you would want visit?

Shayne: Again, there is that one that I’ve mentioned several times in several episodes. We even did, we dedicated an entire episode to it. But there’s another one that I want to visit a little bit more and it’s Namche Bizarre in Nepal.

Ryan: All right. I’m seeing a theme

here with your.

Shayne: It’s, again, it’s the temples. This one is also a high altitude and I’ve always enjoyed high altitude cities or high altitude locations that I visited.

There’s something just comforting about that air. I mean, you don’t wanna do a lot of running around cuz you’re gonna run out of oxygen, but I just like high altitude cities. But the other reason is part of the adventure of getting there is flying into the Lola airport. I think I’m pronouncing that correctly, the Lola Airport.

And that’s the airport. We have to, arrive there with a small plane and the plane will have to fly up to the town and then over a ridge and has a very small runway that it can land on. So apparently it’s a very exciting flight. It just looks like a blast.

Ryan: Okay. All right. So a city that I have always been fascinated with, and I would love to visit is Tokyo. Just, it feels electric every time I see it on tv or I read anything about it. The technology and the amount of people and the innovation and kind of the balance between old Japanese culture and new Japanese culture.

I just, I’m really fascinated by it, and I just I don’t I’m. As turned on a as you with going to other parts of Asia. But for some reason Tokyo just seems like a really cool place. I would love to see can obviously combine that with Tokyo, Disneyland, but also, ride a bullet train and check out, the sushi and the street markets and the, all that stuff.

It just it feels like I would never sleep the entire time I’m there cuz it’s just so much to do and so much excitement going.

Shayne: Probably not. And by the way, bullet train. Very good movie

Ryan: Okay. All right. All right.

Shayne: Little system. And Ebert action here on all

Ryan: All right. So what’s an event that you would travel for?

Shayne: Okay, this is back to Spain, and this is from a few years ago in 2018 when we were there and we were staying at the beach town that we love, that I won’t mention the name of because I don’t want it to become too big of a tourist attract before we retire there. And we visited this small pueblo called Morella Spain.

It’s in that Eastern Spain, not far from Barcelona, and it’s this city up in the mountains. And so it was a nice cool day after it being so hot and aquas, Oops, I accidentally said it. It was so nice and cool

Ryan: Everybody

write it down.

Shayne: and, And while we’re wandering through the streets, I saw these banners for this festival called, This is in, I think this is Valencian, so I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing it correctly, but it’s.

S E X E N I. And this festival only happens every six years and we had missed it when we were there. We missed it by maybe a week or so before it started. So anyway, it’s this two week festival and It commemorates something that happened in the year 1672. There was a plague that was in this city and a lot of people were dying, and the citizens got desperate. So they carried a statue of the Virgin Mary from a church and led this procession through the town, and right around them the plague seemed to, to wind down, seemed to come to an end.

So, They wanted to out of, thanks to Virgin Mary, they wanted to hold a festival and they elected to have this festival every six years. that’s part of the fun thing about it. It’s only every six years, so you don’t get to just go every year. And the next time coming up will be 2024. But it’s just a fun festival.

It’s not. A super party festival that has some fun aspects of it, but there’s a lot of more solemn and reverent processions to the town and just, I love the town so much that I would like to go and experience this festival there.

Ryan: Very cool. I so not the tomato throwing festival

Shayne: This isn’t the tomato throwing festival. And it was funny, when we were there, one of the things we saw was they had blocked off a couple of roads and they let out a few bulls that ran through this town. So they had kind of their own little running of the bulls there.

Ryan: Okay. All right.

Shayne: Yeah.

Ryan: So my wife has always since growing up as a little girl, she’s always been obsessed with Wimbledon and my son, now that he’s a tennis player. Loves to watch Wimbledon as well. And so I would love to take my family to Wimbledon. I’m actually, I’ve been there. So when I used to lead college classes the college class that I would lead had to do with sport management.

And so we would actually visit. Wimbledon, but it was in January, so it was never during the tournament, but we were at the facilities we got to learn all about the tournament. We got to see the grounds and everything like that. They’re absolutely amazing. Steeped in, in history, steeped in, tennis war, if you will, and I would just love to.

Go for the tournament. Just go experience the tournament during the day, Experience London theater at night and just have a grand time in probably my favorite city in the world, London, England. Yeah, Wimbledon will make our list at some point where we’ll be in the.

Shayne: That is a great event. I’m not a huge fan of watching sports, but if I could pick a sport that I would go watch, Wimbledon would be it. That’s a great idea.

Ryan: There you go. before we get to our last couple questions, Shayne, as always, I wanna know where in the world does All Things Travel?

Shayne: Mead, Kansas.

Ryan: Mead, Kansas. That sounds like a delicious place to be.

Shayne: Well, it’s a very small town now out in South Kansas, kind of southwest Kansas, population of about 1500. So you know that smaller town, there’s not a lot of tourist attractions, but you can go and visit the Dalton Gang, hide out.

Ryan: Ooh, that sounds.

Shayne: Yeah, she was a sister, I guess, of someone in the Dalton Gang. Her name was Eva Dalton’s.

Her place, and you can go see where the gang head out, when they were wanted by the law.

Ryan: All right. Well, hey, Mead, Kansas, thank you so much for listening to all Things Travel. Do me a favor, reach out to Shayne or I, You can do that on the Facebook group, or you can email me atRyan@creatingmagicvacations.com because we have a nice little gift to say. Thank you for being featured on the show today.

Shayne: I to make sure you catch where in the world as All Things Travel next week. Be sure to subscribe to the show so that you never miss any of our travel tips, travel ideas, or travel stories.

Ryan: All right, Shayne. So the fourth question, what’s a type of travel that you want to do but haven’t done yet?

Shayne: Uh, that one, there is a definite standout winner there. I want to take lots and lots of river cruises.

Ryan: Ah, absolutely. Tell me.

Shayne: First of all, like rivers, right? Just love being on water, and that’s a way to just kind of take it slow. You know? Unlike an ocean cruise or the river crews, you’re always there to see the landscape as you’re flowing down the river, riding down the river, and then you get to spend more time In the port cities, there’s gonna be a lot fewer people on the boat getting on and off the boat when you visit. And a lot fewer people that you’re around while you’re on the trip. And just a great way to see some of those places. And they, they just happen to go through some of the places where I’d love to visit, like the day New River through Europe.

There’s the Nile River Crews that goes through of those sites in Egypt. And that just seems like a great way to travel to.

Ryan: Very cool. Well, mine’s not as cool as that maybe. I don’t know. So I’ve taken some recent longer flights, this past summer I was, I went to both Hawaii and Italy, and while both the flights went perfectly fine, there were no problems. A way that I have never traveled before that I would really love to experience sometime is I wanna do a long flight in first class. I’ve never done that. I’ve never had, that’s just, that’s not how we travel and, but boy, that would just be really cool.

Shayne: There are some airlines. I think Air Korea is one that have just incredible first class amenities on their aircraft.

Ryan: Yeah, I think it’s just, I think it’s just the ability to have some space, the ability to eat some good food, the ability to stretch out and sleep And enjoy the trip rather than try to keep watching the clock and get through the trip, even though I’m used to getting through the trip. I just think, traveling in that style would be really nice.

Shayne: And probably a lot more comfortable for that long of a flight

Ryan: Oh yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So the last question I have, Shayne, who is someone that you would like to travel?

Shayne: Obviously we’d love to travel with our families, but someone that we don’t usually travel with.

Ryan: Yes.

Shayne: I had a lot of fun on our fam trip this summer, and I think I’d like to take another trip where that same group.

Ryan: We have a really good group of friends in our travel agency creating magic vacations, and it was a lot of fun to be with that group. And I think anytime you can get people together who love travel and personalities mesh. That just fits well. Yeah. I was gonna say you and not to be schmoozy.

Not to, but I think that you and I have a good time when we travel and we need to do more of it.

Shayne: yes, definitely. We would have a great time whether we were going out and hanging out the beach or hanging out in Dublin. If I could get you on one of those planes to fly into that airport to visit Namche, Baar, I think we would just have

a grand old time. You what? You wanna try that

Ryan: I, I’ll wait for the postcard, but no I’m curious and one of the things that we’ve talked about with this podcast is we would like to travel as part of this podcast. So, we keep making plans behind the scenes and talking about that. So, you know what fellow travelers, as you’re listening to the podcast and interacting with us on the Facebook group, those things will pop up and we hope you take advantage.

we wanna hear your travel wishs list fellow traveler. We’ll post this list on the Facebook group and hey, if you’re not a part of the Facebook group, you need to join it. Get on Facebook, go to groups, look for All Things Travel, and click join and either Shayne and I will approve you. when this list comes out, we want to hear from you.

What’s on your travel wish list.

Shayne: And we would love to help you plan your next amazing vacation.

Ryan: You can reach out to me at Ryan, r y a n, at creating magic vacations.com.

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