Travel Wizard Introduction

Welcome to the 1st episode of the Travel Wizard! This will be the intro that fascinates and intrigues you. See for yourself!

A Dramatization

This is a dramatization performed by the Travel Wizard and a stunt double, who also happens to be the Travel Wizard’s secret identity. 

[Apprentice]: Oh, Travel Wizard. I have traveled without seeking your counsel. And have, thus, suffered dearly. My family missed the cool, hidden features. We stood in lines for far too long. And we suffered great hanger. And malnutrition.

[Travel Wizard]: Fret not, my eager apprentice. Mistakes are not failure. Ney, mistakes are but the path to experience. To wisdom. I myself have suffered many mistakes. That ‘tis why I am the Travel Wizard. Ye need not repeat my mistakes henceforth. Regret not thy past. For upon this glorious day your path hath brought you to the Travel Wizard.

[Apprentice]: Thank you, Travel Wizard. I shall henceforth always seek thy counsel.

[Travel Wizard]: Very good, then. Okay. Play a theme song. And make it funky.

Welcome to the Travel Wizard Podcast!

Welcome to episode 1 of the Travel Wizard podcast. If you want to travel more or travel better, then this is the show for you.

I’m Shayne Seymour, Traveler, Travel Planner, author, blogger and a bunch of other stuff.

“You probably think that I’m the Travel Wizard. ‘Tis true. You are correct. But that is not what this show is about. The purpose of this show is to make you the Travel Wizard. It’s about making you the travel planning Superhero. Although truth be told, Dumbledore could have easily defeated Thanos or Emperor Palpatine. You probably only get 2 to 4 weeks of vacation each year. Don’t risk winging it and hoping that you get it right. Click subscribe, so you can get the Travel Tips, The Must-Dos and the must NOT DOs.

I’ll deliver to you via the magic of my mic and your phone, travel tips, travel ideas and travel stories. I’ll cover Disney, Universal, Spain, Cruising, All-inclusive resorts and introduce you to the hottest new destinations and trends in travel. Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is pretty much taking you to space.

More importantly, I’ll give the tips to make your trips, not only more enjoyable but more safe.

So click subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss a single episode.

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