7 Essential Tips for Traveling Internationally in 2021 – 67

World Travel is back, but so much has changed because of the pandemic. Here are 7 essential tips for traveling internationally in 2021.

I just returned from not one but two international travel experiences, and, let me tell you, there is a lot to know about traveling internationally right now. Today Shayne and I discuss what you need to know for your next “hop across the pond.”

7 Tips for Traveling Internationally in 2021

  1. Give Yourself Time
  2. People are relearning how to travel
  3. Be patient with local regulations
  4. COVID Testing can be tricky
  5. Have internet access
  6. Register with STEP

Research and Give Yourself Time

Research where you are going. Each destination will be different, and individual requirements will change.

Yes, travel has changed quite a bit, and so have requirements, guidelines, and procedures. Make sure you research (or work with a Travel Advisor knowledgeable in the area) so you know what you need to do.

People Are Relearning How to Travel

Lines at the airports, flight etiquette, and time to complete travel tasks are all “new” for most travelers. So, give yourself plenty of time when traveling and make sure you are all set to go.

  • Carry-0n bags vs. checked bags.
  • I didn’t know the regulations.
  • Do I have to sit with my kids

Be Patient with Local Regulations

One of the wonderful things about traveling internationally is seeing different cultures and ways of life. Right now, though, that may be dealing with varying guidelines for COVID safety. Again, know before you go!

In Greece, you cannot sit inside most restaurants without proof of vaccination, and safety procedures can seem a bit random. Just be prepared to follow the guidelines and be a gracious visitor.

No masks outside, masks inside. Do I need a vaccine/test card?

COVID Test Timing Can Be Tricky

Please make sure you’re on top of it.

Most likely, throughout your international travels, you will need to take a test or two. Make sure you know which one (rapid vs. PCR) and when. Get testing site information early in your trip (or before you go). Unfortunately, right now, this needs to be part of your planning; try to decrease the stress by being prepared.

Here about Ryan’s testing experiences in Greece and Egypt.

Have Internet Access

If you keep your records on your mobile device, make sure you have either items saved offline or access to wifi/data. You will need to show documentation, QR codes, etc., throughout your trip. If you won’t have consistent wifi, look at your mobile provider and see what will work best for your travels.

Register with STEP

Before your trip, register with the US State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. STEP registration allows them to know you are traveling and assist you when necessary. It’s added peace of mind! For instance, these past few days,

I have received communication about the change in Greece’s travel status (it’s all fine, I promise) and a large wildfire outside of Athens affecting local travel.

There are added considerations right now, but, YES, international travel is so worth it! The people, sights, food, and culture have been a fantastic experience.

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