Enjoy The Power of a Vacation “Plan B” (Without Paying Too Much) -12

Have you ever had a canceled or bad vacation? Learn the power of a vacation “Plan B” and maximizing the calendar to book the best vacation ever.

Enjoy The Power of a Vacation “Plan B”

Topics we cover in today’s episode:

  • Why you should implement a vacation “Plan B”
  • When you formulate a Vacation “Plan B” (Spoiler alert: 2020!)
  • 5 Steps to Having a Vacation “Plan B” (without paying too much)
  • Using the calendar to your advantage

5 Steps to Having a Vacation “Plan B” (without paying too much)

  1. Use a travel advisor (finding the right fit, managing $ and deadlines)
  2. Having a bit of wiggle room with dates (more on dates later!)
  3. Refundable deposits or cancelation dates (making multiple bookings)
  4. Flexible airline (southwest) or travel options (cash back/credit, etc.)
  5. Only pay a deposit or minimum payment until the due date

What do YOU want the vacation to look like? Lots of people/action or quieter?

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