Vacation-Planning Challenge – 59

Today the challenge is on! Last week the All Things Travel Facebook Group decided on the trip challenge and today Ryan and Shayne go head-to-head to see who planned the better trip. Best of all, YOU get to decide who wins the Vacation Planning Challenge!

Where in the World is All Things Travel?

  • Marco Island, Florida
  • Hough, Ohio

Vacation-Planning Challenge

  • Shayne’s Trip: Romance in Madrid
  • Ryan’s Trip: A Hop Across the Pond!

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Question: Who do you think won the Vacation-Planning Challenge?

Please let us know in the All Things Travel Podcast Facebook group!

Start Making Your Magical Memories!

Ryan and Shayne are both Travel Advisers with Creating Magic Vacations, an authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Feel free to reach out to us for a free quote and to start making magical memories.

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