Visiting the Island of Kauai

With so many options in Hawaii, where do you begin? The episode covers vacation tips and activities for visiting the Island of Kauai. Get ready for relaxation, breathtaking scenery, and lots and lots of roosters!

Visiting the Island of Kauai

I still highly recommend the “Kauai Revealed” book series, The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook, by Andrew Doughty. And here is a link to all of Andrew Doughty’s books.*

Overview of Our Trip

  • Getting there
  • Do you need a rental car?

First Impressions

Koloa Landing at Poi Pu Beach (Marriott Property) and Po’ ipu Beach area. The resort boasts 3 lagoon pools, including the “Best Pool in America” 3 years in a row, and was voted top 10% of hotels & resorts in the world for service.

First Full Day

  • Shipwreck beach and lithified cliffs
  • Roosters everywhere!
  • Koloa Rum Company on Kilohani Plantiation and Kauai railway tour
    Shopping and exploring Koloa/PoiPu area
  • Happy Hour (our Hawaiian Tradition! )

2nd Full Day

  • Waimea Canyon (and 10 mile canyon, absolutely breathtakingly beautiful)
  • Glass Beach (a dud! )
  • JoJo’s Shave Ice

3rd full day

  • Drove up the east side of the island to Hanalei Bay (surfing town, great beaches) for lunch and shopping
  • Drove 560 almost to the end, and saw numerous one-lane bridges
  • Beach where Bethany Hamilton lost her arm
  • Back to Lihue for Kauai Backcountry Adventures!
  • Dinner at Beach House on Po’ipu Beach (affiliated with Monkeypod)

What We Didn’t Do in Kauai

  • Helicopter tour
  • Sailing around Na Pali Coast

Question: Which of these activities sounds like the most fun thing to do when visiting Kauai?

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Episode 141 Transcripts

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Shayne: Hello and welcome to all Things Travel. A few weeks ago, we heard about Ryan’s time in Honolulu. Now he takes us to the garden aisle of Kauai. This hawaiian vacation spot is about as opposite of Honolulu as it gets. Get ready for relaxation, breathtaking scenery, and lots and lots of roosters.

Ryan: Well, Shayne, did you realize this is our last episode of 2022?

Shayne: I did not realize that until I read it in the notes and went, wow, we are already at the end of the year. Where does the time go?

Ryan: Seriously. Well, we are excited to keep this podcast going. We are so thankful to the folks that listen. We’re thankful for, to the Facebook community, the Facebook group that we have going with our fellow travelers on all things travel Facebook group. Good things are gonna come next year.

Shayne: Absolutely, and we help you. Have a Wonderful. Safe New Year’s Eve and a prosperous new year and we look forward to talking travel with you, and hopefully seeing you out in some of these destinations.

Ryan: Most families are confused and overwhelmed When planning a vacation, we work with you to plan a trip. Perfect for your interests, saving you time, money, and stress.

Shayne: We would love to help you plan your next amazing vacation.

Ryan: Reach out to me That’s R Y A n, at Creating Magic Vacations dot.

Well, as we talk about the island of Kauai today, Shayne, I still highly recommend the Hawaii Revealed books. You, I’ve talked about these with Oahu. I use the ultimate Kauai guidebook by Andrew Dotty, who wrote the Oahu Revealed book. These are great travel books. They have an app associated with them, and what I love about it is, Hawaii can be a really confusing place, especially to drive around and they do a really good job of talking you through the roads and what you can see and where to turn off to see this.

They’re just, they’re really worth it.

Shayne: So a lot of very specific instructions on where to go and how to get there.

Ryan: And what to expect when you’re there and kind of what are the things that the locals know that you may not know. You know, I looking at things like, well, the, the main road is gonna tell you to turn here, but you know, really go, go down half a mile and turn here, and that’ll get you there better.

Shayne: sounds thorough, almost, almost to the level of All Things Travel.

Ryan: Almost to the level of All Things Travel. Absolutely. So, hey, a few weeks ago I talked about Honolulu, and so one, what we did at the end of that trip, once my wife’s meetings were over, there was actually a subset of folks we were hanging out with that were going to a separate meeting on the island of Kauai.

And so we kind of followed along and used that as our vacation time. . So that Tuesday through Saturday of that week we spent time on the island of Kauai. And like you said in the intro, Shayne, this was about as opposite of Honolulu as it gets.

Shayne: So what made up for the time that you spent in the hustle and bustle while

Ryan: Yes, absolutely. So first of all to get there was kind of funny. We had a flight and when the pilot came on, he said, this is a 25 minute flight gate to gate. Like literally I had enough time to close my eyes and maybe had like three snores in and we were landed in Kauai. And when you landed Honolulu It’s a, it’s a, it’s an ever being remodeled airport, but also, a decent sized airport.

Lots of things. You walk out in a Lihue, which is the, the big city of CO in Kauai, and it’s an open air airport. So you’re actually walking out and, there’s roof and there’s wall structure, but it’s open air.

Shayne: Fun.

Ryan: So, do you need a rental car on the island of Kauai? The short answer is Abso freaking lutely.

You could uber around, you could taxi around, but things really shut down early on the island. And also, any place you’re gonna go, you’re gonna be driving. So you absolutely need a rental car.

Shayne: Yeah, I think that you would want the freedom to go when you want to.

Ryan: Yeah. And I would say too, if you are planning on seeing a lot of the island, think about the type of car that you rent to. We had like a Jeep s u V and I thought that was really good. It just gave us a little extra oomph when we needed it. If we just had a, regular car, we might have had some trouble in.

Shayne: So some steep inclines that you had to drive

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah. Yes, absolutely. Especially when we talk about the Waimea Canyon here in a few minutes. We were staying about, I would say about a half an hour south of La Hui. LA Hui is in the, kind of the middle of the eastern side of the island. The island of Kauai is pretty much an exact circle if you want to think about it that way.

And we were on the southern side. On the, on what’s called Poi Poo Beach, and we were staying at the Koloa Landing at Poi Poo Beach. And this Shayne is a Marriott property and it was absolutely stunning. This resort has three lagoon pools that includes, I didn’t know this before we got there, the best pool in America as voted by U S A today, three years in a row, and is voted by Marriot.

In the top 10% of hotels and resorts in the world for their level of service.

Shayne: Wow.

Ryan: It was really cool. , it was a really nice spread out resort. Tons of green re you, you felt like, I mean, Kauai is the Garland Gar garden aisle, right? So tons of, of lush landscaping. And that’s exactly what this resort felt like.

I mean, there were times when you were kind of in tunnels of bamboo and there was, there was lush greenery everywhere. Beautiful pool system. Obviously if you’re gonna be the best pool in America which surprisingly Shayne you and I would be shocked to know the best pool in America, three years in a row did not have one of the most important features of a best pool.

Shayne: Oh no. Don’t say

Ryan: was no lazy river.

Shayne: wow. How was that a best pole then?

Ryan: I don’t know. I don’t know. We need to write to the pool judging.

Shayne: Maybe. Maybe it’s just their niche. They’re able to stay in their lane. Just focus on the pole, make it the best possible

Ryan: Okay. Alright.

Shayne: extra distraction of a lazy

Ryan: Gotcha. Okay. All right. So, I liked this resort a lot. It was, it, it had tons of, of space, tons of space around the pool. There was never an issue with that. It had a really nice adults only pool, a really nice family pool, and then a nice general pool. It was. It was definitely relaxing.

Like I said, it was about, its opposite of Honolulu as it possibly could be. What I didn’t like was it wasn’t on the beach. In fact, if you’re going to Kauai and you want beach, , you have to be very, very selective at where you stay. Because most beach is Rocky Beach. There’s not a lot of Sandy beach unless it’s been cultivated that way.

So that is something to keep in mind. You know, so, so that’s one thing I didn’t like about it. And also too, for being this, this really awesome resort, there was one restaurant, and so if you didn’t want to eat there, you’re, you had to go off property to to eat someplace.

Shayne: So they better make sure that pool is nice then.

Ryan: Yeah. And, and it was, and the restaurant was nice. And, and it, it was a really nice place to say, and again, it’s part of Marriott, so, you know, if that works for you with your Marriott points or, or things like that. It the, the Colina landing at Poipu Beach may be worth a look so, I have lots of adventures to talk about, lots of things that we did on this island for as, as kind of only a couple things on Honolulu.

I feel like in, in three days here we did a ton Shayne, but first I wanna talk about where in the world is all things travel.

Shayne: Perhaps the opposite of Kauai , Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ryan: Probably a little different temperature right about now.

Shayne: Probably so. But you

Ryan: I like Minneapolis. Minneapolis is a really cool city.

Shayne: And I think that we’ll make the most of our time there down at Kieran’s Irish Pub.

Ryan: You can never go wrong with an Irish pub.

Shayne: it looks like they have some. spectacularly tasting food and then you know, I love live music, live Irish music, so that’s

Ryan: Very nice. Well, Welcome, Minneapolis. We are glad that you’re listening to us today. We are excited to have you join us on all things travel, and do us a favor, reach out to me on Facebook or via email because I have a little thank you gift to send up to Minnesota for being featured on today’s show.

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Ryan: when we were in Kauai, my wife and I did kind of our favorite things. When we’re in a new place we call, we kind of call it putter tourism. We pick out, you know, some places we want to go check out and we just kind of take off. And that’s how we did a lot of this island. We, we would see, you know, what, what is there to see in this area?

And we’d take off for a half day and then we’d come back and we’d hang out by the pool or we’d hang out by the pool. And then after lunch it was time to go putter around and see what else Kauai had to offer. And that’s really, that’s how we spent our three. Here. The first day after breakfast, we went and saw some of the areas around Poipu and then went back up to Lihue for a little bit.

We went and saw Shipwreck Beach, which was close to our hotel, and it’s a really nice beach, on one side it’s got really lush beach. On the other side there’s cliffs, and in fact these are called lithified cliffs and they’re actually sand that has been hardened over time by the ocean.

And so you can climb up on these cliffs and it is just, A beautiful view of the ocean, of the Kauai coastline. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Shayne: Then are there places where you could maybe jump off the cliffs into the water?

Ryan: are places you can jump off the cliffs. Yes, I chose not to do that that morning, but you can absolutely do that.

Shayne: I would definitely choose to not do that. Also,

Ryan: One of the things that we learned at breakfast that day, Shayne, we went to a nice little coffee shop next to our hotel. There are roosters everywhere in Kauai, and they are beautiful, beautiful roosters. I mean, seriously, like colors of feathers that I’ve never seen anywhere else. But man, they rule this island

Shayne: Wild roosters just wandering the island unchecked.

Ryan: Yes. Unchecked. Unchecked,

They battle you for your breakfast sandwich. They wander up to you and wonder what you’re doing. They are kind of all over the place.

Shayne: Now, are there signs that say, “Do not feed the roosters?”

Ryan: There are in places, there are signs that say don’t feed the roosters. after we were, did some beach looking around, we drove back up towards Lehua and we stopped at the Koloa Rum Company.

Shayne: Hmm.

Ryan: and we did a sampling. They have free tastings throughout the day. Now you do have to sign up for these and you have to do that at the tasting room. You can’t do it online or anything like that. But this tasting room, the rum company is on the ke Lohani plantation.

And this place in and of itself, shade is a great place to. Check out because there’s some shopping, there’s a really nice restaurant there, and there’s also a Kauai Railway tour,

Shayne: Really?

Ryan: and they have an old train and they do a 40 minute tour of the farm, of the plantation there. So they take you all around the plantation and talk to you about, because Kawaii and the KOA area specifically is known for sugar plant.

Shayne: Yeah. Okay.

Ryan: And so they talked to you about that. They talked to you about the history of agriculture on Kauai. You can do it, you can also add lunch to the experience. It’s a really cool tourist place.

Shayne: That sounds like a lot of fun. And we do love trains.

Ryan: And, and I would say, just so to give you a bit of a reference, this was probably about a, a 20 minute drive from our hotel.

It was about a 10 minute drive from the airport. Shipwreck Beach, where we were beforehand was about a 10, five to 10 minute drive from our hotel. So everything is pretty close-ish, if you will.

And then we spent the rest of the, of the day kind of exploring Koloa, the poi poo area. There’s some really nice shopping. So we were picking up some souvenirs. Went to a, went to a food truck and got shrimp tacos for lunch. Just kind of relaxed, hung out, explored our new resort and. One of our favorite things to do in Hawaii because no matter how long you’re there, your timing is still off and you’re tired early in the evening.

One of my favorite things to do is pretend that I’m retired and I go to Happy Hour Shayne.

Shayne: Wait a minute, do you have to be retired to go to happy hour Oops. I might be doing this wrong,

Ryan: I find the places that have good drink specials, good appetizer specials, and that, that tends to turn into our dinners while we’re in while we’re in Hawaii. And that was a good way to end that in that first day with a ginormous fishbowl, my tie, and some really good really good shrimp and uh,

Shayne: Sounds delicious.

Ryan: that was just our first day Shayne. So already I think I’ve done more than I did in all of my time on Honolulu.

Shayne: Yes, no doubt. Wow.

Ryan: So the second full day, we were really excited. We had a couple friends come with us. We went to the Waimea Canyon and this was about an hour’s drive from our hotel and it the Yme Canyon. If you look up anything about Kauai, This is gonna be one of the things that you see.

It’s a 10 mile long canyon. It’s absolutely breathtaking. It is. I’ve not been to the Grand Canyon, but this has been called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It is absolutely stunning.

Shayne: Now, is this something that you could hike if you

Ryan: can hike. Yes, you can hike around the canyon. We chose not to. We just did kind of a stop and, you know, a drive and stop tour. You know, there were different places to stop and take pictures and see different parts of it. You can hike it, you can drive it, or you can also take a helicopter tour.

Shayne: Okay, cool.

Ryan: on the way I had seen in the guidebook something that I wanted to go to, it was called Glass Beach.

And it’s known for glass that washes up on the beach and at times it can cover the entire beach. And I thought that sounds really cool. And the picture in the guidebook looks really cool. And we got there and you could kind of sorta maybe if you squinted sea glass,

Shayne: Oh no.

Ryan: And I told everybody ahead of time, I’m like, the guidebook says that this can be a dud.

The guidebook, you know? And sure enough that unfortunately, glass Beach was not not for us that day.

Shayne: I guess everything in Kauai is approximate enough that it wasn’t that far

Ryan: Oh, no, no. It, it was definitely on the way, it was on the way and Y m a canyon to, to get back to that. I mean, we spent a good, oh gosh, probably two hours tooling up the canyon, stopping at places, taking pictures, you know, kind of looking at overlooks. it was well worth it. And a highlight of the trip for.

Shayne: It does sound fantastic.

Ryan: On our way back, we stopped at a shave ice place that somebody from home had actually suggested. There’s a a shave ice franchise on Kauai and maybe other parts of Hawaii called Jojo’s, and we had some fantastic shave ice. One of the things that I found, and I didn’t do too much scientific research here, but in the couple places that I did, on the island of Oahu, it was quite often we would have condensed milk on our shave ice and on Kauai they put coconut cream on their

Shayne: ooh, that

Ryan: So I had, I had shave ice on top of mac of Macadamian net ice cream

Shayne: Oh, man.

Ryan: with coconut cream on

Shayne: Oh wow. That

Ryan: It was, it was a, I had the aloha spirit after eating that my.

Shayne: I have no doubt. That sounds fabulous.

Ryan: So that was our second day. We spent, we spent some time at the pool, then we went and saw this great tourist location at this time. Shayne I was definitely falling in love with the island of Kauai. It was so chill. It’s so relaxing. It’s like this is what Hawaii’s supposed to.

Shayne: I know you love going to Alan. Would Kauai then be something you’d rather do than Alan when you go to Hawaii?

Ryan: You know here, we talked about this a lot. kids are at the point where they want to be active when they’re on vacation, and whether it’s hiking, whether it’s zip lining, whether it’s the excursion that I’m gonna talk about here in a few minutes, whether it’s going on a boat, there is so much to do on Kauai, and you can certainly do a lot of that on Oahu too.

But Kauai is really made for these types of things, and so. I could definitely see pairing this with some other place that may be elani. You know, maybe we go to Kauai and have fun for a while and then go relax at Elani. I don’t know. I mean, Elani is, is certainly still one of my favorite places on earth and I’ll continue to go to it, but, I was really blown away.

You know, and I found a house that I was really interested in purchasing and I looked it up on the real estate site, Shayne, and when I saw the $15 million price tag, I thought, no, you know, I will come and visit Kauai. I will not move to Kauai.

Shayne: Yeah, maybe. Maybe it’s a good place to visit

Ryan: Yeah, exactly.

Shayne: Leave it as a good place to visit.

Ryan: So on our last full day, we did a lot. So we drove up the east side of the island. So again, past Lihue and up to Hanalei Bay. Our friend Wendy had reached out to me while I was in Kauai and said, Hey, We were there and we went up to Hanalei Bay. We really liked it. It is a great surfing town. It’s known for some of the best surfing in all of Hawaii.

It’s got great beaches and it’s also a good place if you’re in, up in that part of the island. And this is more kind of the northern part of the island. It’s a good place to stop for lunch and it’s a good place to stop for shopping. Lots of little shops, lots of little restaurants. So it’s kind of a good, destination there for that.

Shayne: I guess it’s nice, gorgeous water for this, for the surfing. Now, is it bigger waves for more experienced surfers or is it, was it a good place for

Ryan: it Kauai in general, and part of that’s because of, of the time of year we were at, I mean, Kauai had pretty strong waves all over, it seemed like. So one of the things that we did after our time at Honah Bay was we kept driving west and we took five 60 Highway five 60 almost to the end because Shay, and one of the things that we found out is a lot of the western side of Kauai you can’t get to on roads.

So you either have to go by boat, you have to go by helicopter, you have to find some other way to get there. And so we drove on 560 almost to the end. And it was really cool because as it kept getting farther and farther inland, you had these numerous one lane bridges. So like you would stop and people would go, and then you would go.

and the one where there was like a one lane bridge and you made a turn and there was another one lane bridge and it just kept getting smaller. And, and there’s these be these little towns, these little surf communities. And each one was

kind of different and you could stop off at the beaches and check ’em out.

We went almost all the way to the end. Shayne, you can actually, there’s a state park where you can actually, there’s a drop off point where then they will bus you further into the island. So you can check out the state park there. So one of the things that we drove did was we actually saw the beach where Bethany Hamilton lost her.

to the shark. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that story. My kids, for some reason have really attached to that story. They watched the movie a lot when they were lit. Our “Soul Surfer,” I think it was. And we actually, the last time we were in Hawaii as a family, they actually saw her and her family in the Honolulu airport.

So they were all excited

Shayne: Oh, wow.

Ryan: Um, so we had another connection there. We saw the beach where the accident actually happened. and then where we were across the street from the beach, there was actually a cave and it was probably about 20 feet tall and my goodness, an eighth of a mile deep.

Shayne: Wow.

Ryan: really cool. Yeah, it was really cool. So just a lot of natural beauty on on the island of Kauai. And then after lunch, we headed back to La Hui because as part of this group that we were with, we booked a really cool excursion. And let me tell you about this excursion. So we booked it. Kauai Backcountry Adventures, which I would highly, highly recommend them.

And we did the mountain tubing adventure. And let me read this for you. It’s a three hour tour and it includes a lunch and water stop. and so hop on one of our four wheel drive vehicles and traverse the former hooey plantation lands as we ride deep into Kauai’s pristine, emerald green interior where your tubing adventure begins.

Enjoy breathtaking vistas while your guide shares information about our island when you arrive at our launch. Grab a tube, don a headlamp, and jump into the flowing waters. Witness Kauai’s spectacular historic engineering feats as you float down the open canals through several amazing tunnels and flumes, engineered and hand dug circa 1870.

Enjoy the wonder and magic of each tunnel illuminated with your headlamp. At the end of your adventure, you’re guided to an enchanted picnic area for a delicious lunch and a cool dip in the natural swimming hole. It was awesome,

Shayne: So knowing that I want to someday live in a, in a city that’s comprised only of plumes,

Ryan: it was so cool.

Shayne: is it something I would like?

Ryan: So basically you get on this you know, kind of like the safari in animal kingdom, kind of this, and they take you about a half hour drive and you go through hooey and then you go onto this land. And this land is actually owned Shayne by the guy that started a o l. He is a Hawaiian.

And so once he got his fortune, he started buying up Hawaiian lands with the intention of giving back to Hawaii. So basically, as long as they are using it for ways to educate people about Hawaii and they’re using it you know, they’re taking care of the land and, and doing good con conservation, he actually lets them do this back country tour.

And so, We did several photo stops at different vistas, and then we got in our tubes and we floated down the river and there were five tunnels that you went through, and they ranged from, I would say, about a half mile all the way to a mile. And the last tunnel, Shayne, everybody turned their headlamps off and you just floated through.

Shayne: Floated through the dark.

Ryan: It was awesome. It was so cool. Yeah, I would definitely do it again. It was just a good way, again, to be in the natural environment. It wasn’t physically strenuous like other excursions would be. It was a lot of fun. I never felt, I mean, even if you fell out, you were safe in the water. There was, there was no issue with that.

It was a lot of fun. I really like,

Shayne: Had you been tubing before?

Ryan: I have not been too being like that. No.

Shayne: Okay. Yeah. Cause I’ve been tubing in the Brazos River in Texas and the Guadalupe. and it was fun. It was a lot of fun.

This sounds like another

Ryan: it was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun and I mean, the water kept moving, but it certainly was not, you know, you never felt unsafe. It was always a lot of fun,

you know, by, by the end of it you had made friends. I mean, it was it. It was a good experience. Absolutely.

Shayne: think this would definitely be on the top of my Kauai to-do list. Yeah. Wow.

Ryan: And so then the friends that we went with, we had a nice dinner that night to kind of say goodbye to Kauai. We went to a a really nice restaurant called the Beach House on Poipu Beach. And if you remember me talking about Alani Shayne, and there’s a restaurant across the street from Ilani called Monkey Pot,

Shayne: Mm-hmm. . Yep.

Ryan: This restaurant is actually part of their franchise. And we didn’t know that. But as we sat down and looked at the menu, we were like, oh, this is part of, part of that. So we were familiar with the restaurant, had a really nice seafood dinner to end our time there and, and just really enjoyed Kauai. And then the next day we got up and we flew home flights there went great.

Flights home went great. No, no problems there. like I talked about with Honolulu, When I go back to Kauai, here are some things that I would definitely do. We heard from people over and over. When you go to Kauai, go on a helicopter tour again. I said, there’s just some places you can’t reach. And my wife just was not comfortable with that and we hadn’t really looked into that enough to know.

But boy, I think after seeing the beauty that’s there, the natural beauty and landscape, I’m.

I’m doing it in the same vein up on the northern coast, right about where that those roads end that I was talking about is called the Dipali coast. And you can’t get to those caves. You can’t get to that coastline if you’re not on a boat.

And I would really think about sailing around on a catamaran or something like that, that Nepali coast and exploring the caves and exploring the coastline up.

Shayne: I guess there’s some hiking maybe, or there’s surfing, camping, some kind of activities on the western shores of

Ryan: Yep, yep, yep.

Shayne: Wow.

Ryan: So, yeah. So that’s Kauai. I mean, does it sound a little different than time in Honolulu?

Shayne: It sounds a lot more enticing than the time in Honolulu.

Ryan: and, and I just loved, what I fell in love with was, when I’m in Hawaii, I focus on being there, you’re enough off of the timeframe with the mainland and yes, I had to do work. Yes, we stayed in touch with everybody at home, but you’re just on your own schedule and Kauai really allowed you to do that because it just had this island feeling to it that was just really en.

Shayne: Yeah, you mentioned this, a lot of the action closes early and that’s probably a good thing. It helps with that.

Ryan: it does And, the weird thing is like, not only does it shut down, like the island is completely dark , there’s like no streetlights or anything. It’s like shut down, shut down.

Shayne: So you can see lots of stars at night.

Ryan: you Oh, absolutely. Lots of stars. Absolutely lots of stars.

Shayne: should have led with that

Ryan: Yeah. Oh man. Oh man. Well, there you go.

Shayne. sound like Kauai’s a place that you would want to visit?

Shayne: I’ve been one of those weird people for whom? Hawaii has never been high on my list. But I think after hearing about Kauai, I’ve changed my mind. I, there’s a, there’s some things that you’ve talked about that I would really love to do.

Ryan: Good. Well, hey, I know that I’m gonna be returning, I mean, As we often do when my wife and I travel together, you know, we say, Hey, is this a place we wanna bring the kids? Would they enjoy this And. Absolutely both the, the hotel we stayed at and the location, the Poipu beach area, we thought was, was a perfect place to be.

And, and everything on the island, I think our kids would just love it to, to death. And so we’ll definitely be back and we will partner that with a trip to Aulani maybe. Maybe we’ll go to Maui and check that island out for the first time. Who knows what’s gonna happen when we get to Hawaii?

Shayne: Nobody knows. Nobody knows. But Ryan

Well, we would love to help you plan your next amazing vacation.

Ryan: Reach out to me Ryan at Creating Magic Vacations. That’s R Y A N, at creating magic

Shayne: Most families are confused and overwhelmed when planning a vacation. We work with you to plan a trip perfect for your interests, saving you time, money, and stress.