A Fantastic Way to See Volcanoes National Park – 120

As part of a larger vacation, we popped over to Hawaii, the big island, and toured Volcanoes National Park. We’ll fill you in on the experience and the great tour operator who can help you add some Aloha to your next trip to Hawaii.

Deciding How to Visit the Volcanoes

  • One-day only tours or going and staying?
  • Half-hour flight from Honolulu (Southwest)

Hilo, Hawaii

  • How Hilo differs from Kona
  • Hilo has a rainforest climate, meaning it averages 127-inches of rain a year.
  • Hilo is the fourth wettest city in America.
  • Kailua-Kona, on the other hand, averages 18-inches of rain a year.
  • The difference in rainfall is the main reason Kailua-Kona has become the main tourist destination on the Big Island.
  • Grand Naniloa Hotel Hilo – a DoubleTree by Hilton

Mauka Makai Adventures

There are many and private tours around Kona and Hilo. We used:

Josh & Jill Grotkin

  • Private Volcano Adventure (for up to 9 people)
  • 8:30-2pm
  • $1,250 ($138 per person)

Why We Chose a Private Tour of Volcanoes National Park

Hotel Pick-up (Mercedes Sprinter Van)

  • Historic Hilo
  • Rainbow waterfall
  • Volcanoes National Park
  • Steam Bluffs (did we see lava?). Multiple angles
  • Lava Tube
  • Lava Fields
  • Lava Steam Vents
  • Visitor’s Center and Volcano House
  • Candy company in Hilo (optional)

This was absolutely phenomenal!

Considerations (walking, duration of tour, flexibility)

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Episode 120 Transcripts

Episodes are transcribed with artificial intelligence, so there are likely some highly amusing translations!

Ryan: Aloha and welcome to All Things Travel! My family had an amazing Hawaiian experience earlier this summer as part of a larger vacation. We popped over to Hawaii, the big island and toured Volcanoes National Park.

We’ll fill you in on the experience and the great tour operator who can help you add some “Aloha” to your next trip to Hawaii. You’re listening to All Things Travel, episode 120 original air date, August 3rd, 2022.

so you know that my family went earlier this summer to Hawaii. We spent most of a week on a wahoo, but we also did something new this time. We went over to Hilo on the big island of Hawaii and checked out the volcanoes and it was awful. th the top thing that I’ll say about Hawaii right now is it is completely open.

My wife and I, as you know, we went there in December. There was a lot of guidelines. There was a lot of paperwork. There was a lot of wearing masks showing documentation. There was none of that this time, and it really felt back to quote unquote normal.

Shayne: Just a normal vacation, no restrictions or anything.

Ryan: No. And obviously you could take the precautions that you needed to take, but it was no longer mandated as it has been for so long. And that was really nice.

Shayne: Which must be why it felt like popping over to Hawaii. I love that choice of words you popped over to whole

Ryan: I popped over. Yeah. Well, what’d I tell you about the flight. You’re going to know why I said we

Shayne: Oh boy. Okay. Can’t wait to hear about that.

Ryan: but before we get into all things, Aloha, Shayne, I think we’re going to go of long distance away and talk about where in the world is All Things travel.

Shayne: a. Completely different time zone, a place that we are, you could say obsessed with Dublin Ireland.

Ryan: Love it. Welcome Dublin.

Shayne: I feel so accomplished. We’ve reached Dublin.

Ryan: It’s very good. Eh, we have figuratively reached Dublin now you and I need to make it a point to literally

Shayne: Literally physically reached Dublin.

And you have what are we going to do there? I mean,

Ryan: I’m hoping that you were able to find some sort of pub type establishment for us to meet our.

Shayne: The biggest thing me is I wanted tour the Guinness brewery and hang out at the top and watch them pour that sweet, sweet nectar out of those drafts. That’s what I, that’s what I want to do.

Ryan: Okay. All right. We’ll do something very touristy. But I’m still going to enjoy it.

Shayne: And you can listen back to episode 41. I’ll put a link in the show notes to hear a great introduction about visiting Dublin Ireland.

Ryan: So Shayne, remember when we had Too Tall Tom on talking about the island of Hawaii

Shayne: How could we forget?

Ryan: and I mentioned, I said, Hey, we’re going to Oahu in may and June. And my father-in-law really wants to see fall. Kainos we’re excited to see the volcanoes. We’re going to pop over for a day and do this. And I asked him, would that be a good idea?

Do you remember what he said?

Shayne: Tell us what He said,

Ryan: He said, no, you can’t just do it for a day. Well, Tom, I did it for a day and change you know, but it worked out so here’s what we did. I knew we didn’t have a lot of time, but I still wanted to accomplish this. And there are many variables I’m going to talk about. That if they went wrong, it would have changed our ability to do all this.

And so at the end, I’m going to talk about how I would do it again, but it all went very smoothly. And as I started to look into tours, cause I knew I wanted to have a tour of volcanoes national park. There were a lot of one day tours, meaning. You get up very early in the morning and Honolulu, you go to the airport, they fly you over.

They meet you at the airport, you do a tour. They take you back to the airport. You fly back to Honolulu and that’s all accomplished. 6:00 AM to about 10:00 PM at night.

Shayne: Okay.

Ryan: Well, I wasn’t sure that’s what I want to do. One

Shayne: long day.

Ryan: w yes and that was gonna be our last full day in Hawaii. So we would be getting up early the next day to fly home from Honolulu.

And we also had my in-laws with us and they traveled differently than us. And I wanted to make sure that they were comfortable. And too, as I started to look into these one day tours, the number one complaint that I heard was. There’s not enough time at the volcanoes. Basically we’re spending so much time traveling that we’re not getting to see the stuff we thought we would see.

So what I decided to do was when we left our hotel Alani in Oahu, we drove our in Colina. We drove over to Honolulu. Spend some time we flew over to Hilo on the big island, spent the night. Then had a tour that next day. And then later that afternoon flew back and that’ll work perfectly fine.

So, you know, it was about 23 hours. I had a friend, I had a friend from Kona, which is on the other side of the. Let’s start stalking me on social media saying, wait a minute, you are on my island. And I’m like, I know, but I’m really only here for like a little bit, and I will see you when I come back, but there’s no way I can see you today.

Shayne: Oh, wow.

Ryan: that’s what we did. so we arranged it through Southwest, which there’s obviously multiple airlines that fly in or in between the islands, but we’re a Southwest family. And so. Gate to gate. It was about an hour. If even that, I mean, it was a very short pop over flight.

Shayne: Not too bad.

Ryan: No. So let’s talk about Hilo.

Okay. He, low is the wet side of, is a town on the wet side of the island of Hawaii

Shayne: and that’s wet, not west w E

Ryan: no wet, correct wet. And. We got out of the air. We got out of the plane and walked out and the airport is open.

I mean, it was like, I mean, I’m like, where am I like this? It has such a completely different vibe. And Hawaii is pretty chill.

Anyway, you know, the places that we stay at in wahoo and stuff, and this was on a whole other level and they’re really proud of. I mean, really like it’s like, you’re really going to enjoy how slow things go here and how you know, and it was really cool now to give you an idea of the island of Hawaii.

There’s two major tourist areas. There’s Hilo where we were the volcano side, the rainforest side, and then there’s Kona, the drier side, the beach side. So Hilo is actually the fourth where the city in the United States. It gets an average of 127 inches of rain a year.

Shayne: That’s

Ryan: And when we got to Hilo, it was down pouring, it was foggy.

And I’m like, and again, remember we had one day to do this and I’m like, oh my goodness, I screwed this up. You know, everything like that. And. That’s how it was the first day I got up the next day and it was still kind of foggy, but I swear I was in Vancouver. I mean, it really had that sense of that wet rainforest fog.

Like you see in Vancouver

Shayne: And you just have to try, because you can’t plan around the. weather.

Ryan: so, and the weather worked out now, we’ll get to that in a little bit here on the other side of the island is Kona and that’s beach resort area that gets 18 inches of rain a year. So, you know, it’s a completely different area of the island and what I say and what I’m going to talk about at the end of the show, how I would do this again, is I would do a couple of days ago.

You know, get that jungle experience, the zip lining and the hiking and all that kind of stuff. And then go get the resort relaxation time on the Kona side.

Shayne: So you either have to stay out in the Pacific a lot longer, or maybe not go to our.

Ryan: That’s true. That’s true. So we stayed at the grand nano LOA hotel in Hilo. That’s a Hilton property, a DoubleTree. I really liked it. It felt like. It was not as nice as Ilani. And I think that was part of the problem is people had stayed at this really nice resort that we all love. And then we went to this other resort and it was foggy and it was rainy, you know, kind of that look, it felt very, it was weird because it reminded me of a lot of the European hotels I’ve stayed in like the room types and kind of the layout of.

But it also, the theming was all hula dancing because as we learn the next day on our tour, Hilo specifically is very connected to traditional hula dancing. And so they have hula competitions, they have hula festivals. And so that. Resort was covered with pictures and videos of hula and stuff like that.

It was a cool resort. And I would definitely recommend it for folks if they want to stay in the Hilo area. It’s about five minutes from the airport. So it was super easy with Uber or Lyft. No problem at all.

Shayne: When you get out of the continental United States, you’ll find places like DoubleTree or even best Western in other countries that are nothing like what you think of when you think of those hotels.

Ryan: but you know, it, we had, it had a nice bar area in the lobby and with the resort fee, there was you got several drinks per day. The restaurant was nice. It had a nice waterfront, although it did not have a wavy ocean waterfront, even though it was on the ocean, which again, I think kind of went to that Vancouver ish kinda kind of feeling.

So let’s talk about that weather though. It is the next day, our tour day, it was sunnier, but then it would kind of rain off and on. And again, I’m getting a little worried here, right? And as we started on our tour, it was a little rainy. It would go off and on. Well, here’s what I wasn’t thinking of.

Volcanoes national park is above the cloud re level. So once we got up there, it was all sunny and nice and warm.

Shayne: All that rain is happening down

Ryan: All that rain is happening down. And so,

Shayne: astounding to think of.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah. So, so, so the weather, again, like most places in Hawaii, the weather shifts all the time. So if you don’t like the weather, just wait a little bit and it will be different.

And he was the epitome of.

Shayne: in Hilo. So what are you going to do in Hilo? Are there going to be some restaurants? Are

Ryan: Yeah. So,

Shayne: touristy

Ryan: he will, he low has a very historic downtown with restaurants, shops, things like that. My wife was able to find a a nice restaurant within walking distance because we didn’t have a rental car anymore. That we were able to go to the night that we were there. We pass these really nice kind of Asian inspired gardens that actually was on our tour the next day.

So that was nice right there by the hotel. They had these ginormous Banyan trees all over the place. So it’s just really, it’s especially being on in a resort beach community for a week. It just felt like a completely different vacation almost.

Shayne: so you’re not gonna have. An abundance of things to do, But a nice chill time and enjoying the beautiful and, quaint surroundings.

Ryan: yeah.

And I mean, if you’re on the Hilo side, you’re there for eco adventure. You’re there for the volcanoes, you’re there for zip lining. You’re there for, enjoying the jungle, if you will with hiking and ATV and all that kind of stuff. So it’s perfect for that. It’s a great jumping off.

Shayne: Sounds like my kind of trip.

Ryan: well, let me tell you about this tour. We went on because we had an outstanding day, shayne. It was a wonderful time. So again, because we had a varied group, we had my kids, we had my wife and I, we had our, in my in-laws. We knew we might need some extra attention. Okay. Or at least we had very different travel styles and in reviewing different travel companies.

The number one complaint that we got with the time was they kept taking us to all these different places. Basically they would say, yeah, we’ll get to the volcanoes after we go to this shop or after we go to this place for you to spend money and you and I have been, we’ve been on those tours before.


Shayne: Yeah. And you, just want. to see the thing.

Ryan: Yeah. And again, I knew we had one day we were flying back that afternoon. We needed to have. Something that was a little more focused and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We worked with maku MCI adventures, this is a husband and wife, company run by Josh and Jill Grakin. And we had Jill with us all day and it was phenomenal. So I chose, they have group tours and he lo and Kona kind of all over the big island, based on volcanoes, based on beaches all that kind of stuff. I was really interested in the private volcano adventure and this you can schedule for up to nine people. We had six and it runs from eight 30 in the morning till two in the afternoon. And basically they said, we will take you to all the volcano hotspots. We’ll take you to some other places. You dictate how much time you spend.

So if you don’t want to spend as much time, we’ll take you to some other places that you can see. And I really thought because especially, I wasn’t sure how much walking there was going to be, how much terrain there was going to be. And so that was really appealing for me, especially with my in-laws that we can dictate how the day went.

This tour Was $1,250, which sounds like a healthy price tag until you break it down. And for nine people, that’s $138 for the day over the course of, eight 30 in the morning till two in the afternoon.

Shayne: Let’s see, that’s something to think about because you were, you mentioned a 6:00 AM to 10. Tour plus going to a lot of places where you’re just let’s get, can we get to the next place? Can we get to

the next place going to get to the next place? So that’s just to be able to see what you want to see, because no matter how awesome what you’re doing is after that long, you’re not going to enjoy It, as much.

So for you to be able to get exactly what you want and that shorter time

Ryan: it, was worth every penny at the, have that private. Expertise to have Jill with us. I mean, the entire time she was telling us stories, she was telling us Hawaiian legends. She was talking about her childhood growing up in Hilo. You know, and I mean it, and this is how Hawaii is, right?

Like she drives by that’s where I went to elementary school while we live half a mile down here. This is where I learned how to do this. We danced who as I was going through school over here, I love that. I absolutely love that. So no I say the PR you know, the price tag of 1250, a hundred percent worth it, especially if you break it down with a group of nine people, or even the six that we have.

It was, I wouldn’t even bat an eye again at paying that amount after knowing what we got. And I think that brings up a good point, Shayne, with some of these larger tours, especially the ones where they throw in your plane tickets, which just went to not, you know, you’re paying mostly for the plane ticket.

The tour is kind of an afterthought with this. You’re paying for the tour and the tour is taken care of and it stopped notch.

Shayne: And you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. That’s why you’re going there in the first place. And that’s exactly what you’re getting.

Ryan: Absolutely. So Joe Minnis right at eight 30, no problem there. In fact, she was there a little earlier than we were. And we had a Mercedes sprinter van that was for our group. It was it looked like it was completely brand new. And we started our day. She met us. We talked about the day And she had a headset on.

So she could again tell stories to tell us anecdotes taco about what we’re going to be doing. And the first thing we did was we walked through or not walked. Sorry. The first thing we did was drive through historic. He lo when she talked about how the city was laid out how the weather impacts that was storms and different things like.

We went to a beautiful waterfall, could rainbow waterfall. And then we took our time going to volcanoes national park is about 45 minutes. From Hilo. So, you know, we saw a couple sites closer to Hilo, then we spent time driving out. And of course you’re going through small towns.

You’re asking questions. About the island of Hawaii, about Hawaiian culture. She’s doing great interacting with us answering all of our questions, all that kind of stuff. When we get to volcanoes national. We walked to the steam Bluffs. So kind of overlooking, and you saw me post pictures about this, right?

You’re essentially at the edge of a crater with smoke coming up

Shayne: From

Ryan: it’s so dang cool, man. So, and so did we see lava? So all of a sudden, Jill whips out a one of those like small telescopes, like a spotting scope, and she said, And she’s like, okay, this is where you’re going to look. And sure enough, we looked through there and she had binoculars.

She had that spotting scope, you know, she was able to tell us, you know, Hey, this is where this, you know, this section collapsed in. 2009. And over here, this is where this

Shayne: Oh, wow.

Ryan: I mean, she, because she grew up there, so part of the fun was hearing her talk about growing up near volcanoes. Like that was their fun, like, oh, Hey, let’s go, we’ll get the Lofa that’s spewing a quarter mile from my house tonight.

You know, or, oh, my, my house is shaking, you know, all those kinds of stuff. And so anyway, she sets up responding to. And low and behold Shayne, there is a small patch, which probably isn’t small if you’re actually down close to it, but of bubbling, spitting. Wow.

Shayne: Wow.

Ryan: the coolest thing. Now we were obviously there mid-morning, if we were there at night, it would have been even cooler, but we got to see it.

And all of these tours, it’s kind of funny to me, all of these tours say it’s not guaranteed that you’ll see lava. Like we can’t guarantee that there’s any volcanic activity going on. And I was really pleased. We got to see. We got to see the volcanoes. It was really cool. So that was our first stop.

We spent time there, we took pictures. And I would say activity-wise, it was about a half a mile to walk out there. It was nice and paved. You could certainly get out there. Nice and easy.

Shayne: from this difference, what is the temperature like? Cause I guess you’re up at a higher altitude, but you’re on a volcano. So is it really hot as

Ryan: It’s not hot, but it’s very dry. You know, it’s very dry. You need to drink plenty of water. And Joel provided water. We had brought water and snacks with us. But so that’s the one thing I would say is, you know, it’s very easy to not think about this on a tour where you’re hopping in a van in and out seeing different things.

You need to stay hydrated. You need to keep your energy level up.

Shayne: Yeah, because I was curious, cause as awesome as it would be to see lava, you do want to see it from a

Ryan: Yes. And we definitely saw it from a distance. It doesn’t look like it when you’re there. It’s you know, a model train set, you know, like if you really knew how small the things were you know, you, the perspective, but you were definitely there. I mean, it was, I mean, you saw the, you saw the videos that I posted

Shayne: Oh

Ryan: you felt like you were there, man.

Shayne: That’s awesome.

Ryan: So then we went, I think, to one of the coolest parts of the day. We went to the lava tube and this Shayne was another area of the national park. Where you walk down into almost kind of this rain forest there steps and kind of a rolling trail. And you actually go into a cave that the lava created.

Shayne: Oh, wow.

Ryan: It’s all. Yeah, it’s awesome. It’s really cool. Really cool. So you walked through there so you can get kind of an appreciation of what this lava does to the landscape. I mean, the fact that it’s able to burrow holes and all this kind of stuff, I really enjoyed that. It was a beautiful place.

Cause like I said, it was kind of in this rain forest area and then. We went to this really cool part. We went to the different love of fields. And again, as you’re driving along, it’s posted, you know, this happened in 1965. This happened in 1984. And basically what the love of fields are, is the place that the lava came down from the low Kainos swept through the land and kind of covered the landscape.

So it’s like you’re walking on moon rock, you know, you know, the lava rock that you get for your group.

Shayne: Yeah. Yeah.

Ryan: It’s like giant pieces of that. And the ground is like that. And it’s just, it’s really cool. And there’s trees that are petrified in the lava there’s trees that are starting to grow back up.

Jill spent a lot of time talking about the ecology of the area, and this is where, I mean, my son. He just fell in love with this tour. I mean, he was asking

Shayne: Oh, I bet.

Ryan: My daughter had brought her camera that she had gotten for Christmas. And so she was taking pictures. That was one of my favorite things to see was they really got into this tour.

They thought, you know, cause you never quite know. Right. You never know how it’s going to go over. And they both really enjoyed themselves. So we went to a couple of different lava field areas. That was neat to see. And then we went to the lava to the steam vents. And this is where actually you see steam and solve for in some areas.

But obviously we went to the steam areas, rising from the ground. There’s holes where the steam and I think I think I took a picture where it was actually

Shayne: Oh yeah. Yeah. That was

Ryan: and like, you really it’s like getting a facial, you look down and it’s hot steam.

Shayne: That’s

Ryan: From those vents, it’s really cool.

And then we went to the visitor center where there was exhibit set up about the volcanoes in the area. We went to the volcano house, which is a place with a restaurant with shops. They actually have a little hotel there. So there were some places to get snacks. Jill had brought some Hawaiian snacks for.

But you know, so we didn’t have a meal per se on our tour, but we kind of snack throughout the day. And then we made our way back into Hilo. Everybody was pretty tired. It had been a long day. And she said, Hey if you want. We can make one more stop. It’s completely optional. But there’s this candy company that I really like that is well known for chocolate, macadamia, nuts and coffee and different things like that.

Again, this is what I really appreciated about this tour company. It wasn’t it. Wasn’t the, Hey, we have to stop here. It’s do you want. You know, it’s optional. I can take you back to your hotel. We can spend more time at the volcanoes. That’s completely up to you, but we stopped there. We loved it. She even told us

this is the person to,

go to, to get more samples.

You know, it was so we got our chocolate covered, macadamia nuts. We got some nice coffee samples because Shayne you’ve heard of Kona

coffee, but on the Hilo side of the island, they have Kalu coffee, K a apostrophe U. And it is a completely different flavor where Kona has kind of a a bolder coffee flavor. I really liked this co coffee because it’s more. More a floral. It has a very smooth taste.

That’s what I tend to drink at home. And so I really liked it. And we were able to have that both at the hotel for breakfast. And then also there at the chocolate.

Shayne: I had to giggle a little bit when I saw that there was an option for Ryan Hedstrom to go to the Hilo

Ryan: Yeah, it was not, I, it was not even an option. It was presented to us as an option, but everybody really enjoyed it.

Shayne: Yeah, I could see that being an option for someone else.

Well, so I’m wondering, cause it’s going to be a little higher altitude. There’s going to be some heat. You’re walking on volcano rocks. What kind of endurance and flexibility does it require for this

Ryan: And again, I was concerned about that for my in-laws. I was concerned about that for my kids. Basically what they say online is you should be able to walk about a mile and a half over the course of the day on uneven.

Shayne: Okay. So.

Ryan: There was definitely a difference. So when you went to the volcano Bluffs, it was paved, it was for.

That was the longest that you walked. When you walk to the lava tubes, you were walking up and down stairs, a little more uneven, but it wasn’t a long walk. When you were at the lava fields, you were walking on unsteady rock, but you could choose how much you walked there. I mean, we were some of us were bouncing all around trying to see different angles, others.

You know, stood right by the van and that’s okay. That’s part of that’s part of the tour. Yes, you could not do this. I don’t think it’d be very hard to do this. If you have a mobility issue or an accessibility issue but if you are, you know, if you’re an average shape and you’re, you’ll be fine with this.

Shayne: Okay. Yeah. that would be my biggest concern, I guess, is when you’re deciding who to take And what all you can.

Ryan: Yeah. And I think again, to two things that really pointed us towards this private tour, and I’m really glad that we did it was having the flexibility to do whatever we wanted, because we didn’t know like with grandma, we didn’t know if you know, at what point of the day was she going to say I’m done.

And would we need to pivot and go back to the gardens or something like that. So we had that flexibility and also the duration of the tour. I wanted to break that travel up. I didn’t want to go there in the morning, go back in the afternoon. I wanted to have that night where we could at least, you know, not have two plane rides and a tour all in one day.

And I would not recommend anybody do that. I think there’s too many things that could quote unquote, go wrong. To make that really worth it. I think the way we did it was better.

obviously Tom was right. If I were to do this again, and I had more time, I would spend some time on Kona. I would spend some time on the Hilo side. Probably two nights each. And you know, if I was coupling it with another island, if I was just going to Hawaii, I would spend longer in each area.

But I think two nights. On each side would give you a good taste of what the Kona side and the Hilo side would feel like.

Shayne: we’ve talked before about traveling deep and wide, and you took your wide trip between Aulani and Hilo and now you know that you can come back and have a little bit deeper vacation. And as part of the world,

Ryan: Absolutely. And I know we will. I, this island has a lot to offer. It’s just, it’s an amazing place with tons of activities. Tons of agriculture. Any type of Hawaiian experience you want to have is there on the island of Hawaii? I absolutely loved it and it was very easy to get in and out of Hilo, but Kona is a larger airport allowing you to leave directly from there.

So for instance, we flew back that night to Honolulu because we had to fly out of Honolulu the next day. if we had planned it a little differently, we may have gone over to Kona, spent a day or two, and then flown directly back to Chicago from there

Well, what do you think Shayne does this sound like the type of tour that you would want to do when you go to the volcanoes?

Shayne: Oh, Yeah.

definitely. Like you want to see what you go to see? You don’t want to have all the other shop fraternities on the way and extend the day to the point where everyone is just exhausted.

Ryan: Absolutely. And I can not say enough about Jill as our tour guide with McCowen MCI adventures. And I’m going to make sure Shayne, in fact, I have it highlighted in the notes because I want you to share their contact information on the show notes for this for this show.

Shayne: I will absolutely.

Well, we would love to help you plan your next amazing vacation. Right? And I are both the travel advisors with Creating Magic of Vacations and authorized Disney planner. You can reach us at R Y A N at CreatingMagicVacations.com or S H A Y N E at CreatingMagicVacations.com.

Ryan: Most families are confused and overwhelmed. When planning a vacation, we work with you to plan a trip perfect for your interest, saving time, money, and stress.