So You Want to Go to Disney World! Now What? – 36

Want to go to Disney World and don’t know where to start? This begins our journey of guiding you to experiencing the best Disney vacation for you.

Today we describe what you need to think about from the very beginning of planning if you want to go to Disney World! Whether you’re planning your first vacation to the “world” or a seasoned Mouseketeer, we will share our expert tips.

How Did We Get Into the Travel Business?

“It all started with a Mouse.”

Walt Disney

How Ryan and Shayne’s families became ginormous Disney fans.

Ryan and Shayne were both listeners to Disney Travel Secrets. They started their own agency primarily focused on Disney, Creating Magic Vacations.

I tend to get two types of inquiries….I want to go to WDW, I googled, and I’m completely overwhelmed/lost, OR I went to WDW 10 years ago; is anything different?

Planning a WDW is a process but shouldn’t feel overwhelming….thinking about/planning the right things at the right time is the key!

Initial Considerations Want to Go to Disney World

  1. How much will this cost me?
  2. How can I please everyone?
  3. Will my spouse enjoy this trip?
  4. How can I make this trip special (because we are only going once!)

How Much Will Going to Disney World Cost Me?

  1. This is the hard question we often get asked first. We will cover this more when we discuss booking considerations (and we will also show some examples of pricing like in previous episodes).
  2. The bottom line $$ does not always match the experience you want to have!

How Can I Please Everyone? (Will My Spouse Enjoy This Trip?)

  1. I think part of this goes into vacation mindset anyway.
  2. I think you can start by being realistic and talking about it (what would you want, what is a must-do (in general), what should we NOT do?

How Can I Make This Trip Special (Because We Are Only Going Once!)

    1. Well, there’s that mindset again!
    2. Plus, there are things for everyone (MK/Princesses vs. Star Wars vs. Toy Story vs. AK vs. EPCOT)
    3. Meet everyone where they are
    4. We will discuss this more…one suggestion is everyone gets to choose X things.

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Start Making Your Magical Memories!

Ryan and Shayne are both Travel Advisers with Creating Magic Vacations, an authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Feel free to reach out to us for a free quote and to start making magical memories.

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