7 Reasons to Consider a Whitetail Deer Hunting Preserve

Need more time outdoors? Whether you want the hunt of a lifetime or quality time in nature, I cover the Reasons to Consider a Whitetail Deer Hunting Preserve in this article.

Hunters Hunt for a Variety of Reasons

Hunting is a tradition that goes way back in our ancestry, creating rights of passage among tribes and families, and bonding moments for adults with their kids and grandkids. Many hunters hunt for sport and some hunt for food. Some will mount trophies or keep the hides to use as blankets or decorations.

Hunting is a Method of Wildlife Management

Wildlife experts monitor and count wildlife and use (and regulate) hunting to help maintain balance among wildlife populations.

Setting the limits on whitetail deer hunting, for example, aren’t simply to benefit the deer population. Wildlife experts balance the deer population to best support other animals that may prey on the deer or depend on the deer.

They help balance the populations of animals that may depend on the existence of a certain number of deer. Likewise, they can facilitate populations of animals affected if the deer population is too high.

There are also limits on buck and doe counts to ensure the reproduction rate and genetics. The limits can also help with selective breeding, helping the healthiest of the herds have a better chance at procreation[1].

Illegal Hunting is a Problem

Problems occur with illegal hunting, either by hunting out of season, hunting more than is necessary or allowed, hunting the wrong animals or types of a particular animal, hunting by cruel means. So it’s essential to maintain laws.

What is a Whitetail Deer Hunting Preserve?

A hunting preserve is a parcel of land set aside by its owner and licensed by the state in which they live to offer hunting for a fee[2].

The preserve owners of the preserve will feed the animals and help ensure a healthy population for hunters when the season arrives. They offer the animals food sources and protection from predators.

Benefits for the Deer Hunters

For the hunters, this helps ensure that there will be more animals on smaller pieces of land. The preserves will offer hunting guides to help hunters increase their chances of a successful–and safer–hunting trip.

Some will also argue that a hunting preserve makes hunting unfair for the animals while making it easier for hunters. My take is that hunters are going to hunt. Rather than attempt to restrict their hunting, it is better to offer a safer place to hunt to help encourage compliance with laws and thus help preserve wildlife populations.

Benefits for the Animals

Many hunting preserves will also enforce Fair Chase Hunts. Fair Chase Hunt is a hunting approach intended to increase fairness and ethical treatment of the animals. The Boone and Crocket Club, a nonprofit organization that advocates for Fair Chase Hunting and wildlife conservation.

“Wild (naturally occurring), free-ranging (unrestricted within its biological home range) big game has always been the central focus of the Boone and Crockett Club.[3]

Why You Should Consider a Whitetail Deer Hunting Preserve

1. Benefits to the Animals

I mentioned the first reason above. The animals benefit from having food and water easily accessible. Preserves protect the animals from illegal hunters who might hunt them off-season.

2. Increase Your Chances of Seeing Game

For trophy whitetail hunts, a reserve may help increase your chances of seeing your dream whitetail deer this hunting season. There will be more animals in an enclosed space.

3. A Preserve is a Great Place to Spend Some Time Outdoors

For non-hunters, a deer hunting preserve is one of the best places to spend time in nature, learn more about wildlife, see the biggest deer, enjoy quality time with loved ones, and enjoy an authentic hunting experience without killing anything.

Even if you don’t hunt, visiting a deer hunting preserve with a guide service is a great way to spend time enjoying nature with a great chance of watching some animals in their natural habitat. It’s way more interesting than a zoo.

4. You Can Go on Trophy Hunts in a Controlled Environment

Preserves are a great place for trophy whitetail deer hunts. Preserve owners work to maintain superior genetics among the wildlife.

By maintaining a dense forest, building and maintaining large food plots, and ensuring sources of water for the deer, preserve owners can help ensure you’ll at least see the biggest deer.

5. Preserves Offer Hunting Packages for Various Hunting Styles

Whether you want the trophy buck of your dreams, an exotic hunt, or simply a world class hunting experience, there is likely a preserve with the right hunt package for you. With locations all over North America, you can probably find a whitetail hunting preserve a short drive away from wherever you are.

6. Professional Guides

Most hunting preserves will offer professional guides as part of the service. They’ll help keep you safe, help increase your chances of seeing big bucks, and likely have more comfortable blinds.

The guides know the land in particular and their preserve in particular. Between the more populated land and the guides who know the land, you’ll increase your chances of seeing the monster whitetail bucks.

7. See Exotic Animals Locally

Even if you don’t want to hunt, you can probably find a local preserve where you can see exotic animals in natural habitat (way better than a zoo!). With hunting preserves all over North America, there’s a good chance that seeing these animals is a couple of hours’ drive away.


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