Why You Should Use a Travel Advisor? [With Rob & Kerri Stuart] – 50

Today we celebrate our 50th episode. We also welcome our business partners Rob and Kerri Stuart. We’ll be discussing why YOU need to be working with a Travel Advisor for your next vacation.

New Interesting places Where Our Podcast is Downloaded

  • Pozuelo De Alarcón, Madrid
  • Star City, AR

Introducing Rob & Kerri Stuart

How we all met.

Rob’s great question: Why would you not use a travel advisor?

Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Advisor

Use Travel Advisors for their Expertise and Knowledge

Personal experience with travel, training about types of travel and destinations, we are constantly learning and applying ways to plan trips and also where you need to be planning your next vacation.

Connections and Value-added Experiences

Special treatments or add-ons to a reservation. Understanding properties and staff. Special recommendations and plans.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Assistance Before, During, and After Travel

  • Emergencies and assistance
  • As much or as little as you like.
  • What you need as things arise.

Savings of Time, Money, and Stress

Our job is to take that burden off of you and also look for ways to save money (when appropriate…the cheapest is not always the best).

Personal Rapport

All of these previous reasons lead into this one. We want to build relationships with clients. We work best with clients over multiple trips…we get to know you and your family. How “you” travel.

Find Rob & Kerri’s Fine Work

Why would you not use a travel advisor?

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